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Our Master programmes

Our seven Master programmes provide the opportunity to deepen and enhance the knowledge acquired in the respective Bachelor programmes. By doing so, students will become more specialised and qualified for leadership and expert positions. Moreover, the Master is the next step on your way to a PhD qualification. 

Operational Safety Management

This Master programme is the only programme offered by THGA for which a study fee is due. It combines the specialist fields of occupational health and safety, environmental protection, IT-security, fire protection and operational safety.

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Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

This Master programme provides individual opportunities to specialise in either Power Engineering or Information Technology. Graduates will be offered a wide professional range of opportunities in industry, research and development or higher public service.

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Mechanical Engineering

Graduates of this programme will obtain cross-disciplinary skills combining specialist knowledge and methodology. These skills are essential for all disciplines of mechanical engineering - be that material development, calculation and construction of machinery or planning of entire plants.

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Material Engineering and Industrial Heritage Conservation

Our international Master programme Material Engineering and Industrial Heritage Conservation combines two major tasks: how to put former industrial objects to new use and how to conserve such objects. The teaching approach combines methods of sciences and humanities.

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Geo-Engineering and Post-Mining

This Master programme is the only one of its kind in Germany and prepares engineers to plan and manage the complex challenges caused by the closure of mines and the resulting after-closure procedures. The programme combines scientific and engineering qualifications at the intersection of mine surveying, land surveying and geo-engineering.

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Mineral Resource and Process Engineering

This is a unique Master programme - not only in Germany, but also internationally - which offers graduates the opportunity to deepen their specialist knowledge in either mineral resource engineering or process engineering.

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Master Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen

Business Engineering

Graduates of this Master programme will be able to analyse and assess a range of issues and queries, making use of both engineering and business administration methods.

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