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Our Bachelor programmes

There are nine Bachelor programmes offered at THGA where engineers learn to tackle the challenges of tomorrow and develop solutions for a sustainable future, thus making a decisive contribution to a better world.

Bachelor Angewandte Materialwissenschaften Bochum

Applied Material Sciences

Find out the true nature of materials and use that knowledge to create the foundation of sophisticated technologies and sustainable resource management - this is what Applied Material Sciences is about.

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Mechanical Engineering

From choosing the right material to constructing entire plants: Mechanical Engineering is a study programme that offers exciting tasks. There are practice-focused four majors in which students are prepared for their later jobs and become experts in their fields.

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Electrical Engineering

Students can choose from three majors - Power Engineering, Automation Technology and General Electrical Engineering - to immerse in this exciting field of Electrical Engineering.

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Information Technology and Digitalisation

This study programme is your ticket to the world of Internet of Things, data science, robotics and artificial intelligence.

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Geo-Technology and Applied Geology, Civil and Environmental Geo-Engineering

Why is the Tower of Pisa inclined? How do we construct motorways or tunnels? These are some of the questions that students learn to answer in this study programme which combines matters of geology and civil engineering and environmental aspects, too.

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Mineral Resource Engineering and Sustainable Resource Management

This study programme deals with the extraction and processing of mineral resources. The two majors, Industrial Rocks and Minerals and Underground Engineering, provide students with in-depth insights of the matter, in particular of mineral construction materials.

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Vier Personen schauen sich ein sehr hohes technisches Laborgerät an.

Process Engineering

In this study programme students learn about technologies and processes that can be used to refine raw materials and turn them into products. Our THGA process engineers will become true all-rounders that can find the perfect job in many different fields.

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Surveying Engineering

Surveying engineers use state-of-the-art technology to record, evaluate, document and visualise geo-data. How that works in detail and what they need to consider is something that students learn in this study programme.

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Business Engineering

This interdisciplinary study programme combines the best of two professional worlds and provides the perfect stepping stone for a successful career in companies at the intersection of business and engineering.

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