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Mission for the futureApply now for your study place at THGA!

Application procedure

If you want to obtain a Bachelor's degree:

On our university site, go to the page
Register under "Applicants".
Complete the application form. You will find instructions on how to do that here.

If you want to obtain a Master's degree:

You have already completed a Bachelor's degree and want to continue with a Master's degree? Again, go to at our university site. Graduates of THGA can directly apply for a place on a Master's programme using the application platform. You will find instructions on how to do that here. The only exception is the application for the Master's programme Operational Safety Management. You can find details on how to apply for this programme on the related web page.

Application deadlines

The application period for Winter Semester 2022/23 runs from 9 May to 15 July 2022 using our university page

The application deadlines and forms for the Master in Operational Safety Management differ. Please visit the web page of the programme for more information.

Admission requirements

You will be able to start studying at THGA if you meet the admission criteria listed below. If individual certificates that prove your eligibility are missing, please contact the study advisor of the programme you are applying for.

Bachelor’s programmes:

  • University entrance certificate or
  • Higher education certificate or
  • Higher vocational qualification or
  • Vocational qualification plus proven work experience (minimum three years)
  • Degrees obtained in other countries than Germany will be examined for their eligibility

Work and study programmes:

  • Higher education qualification with a major in engineering or
  • University entrance certificate plus a signed vocational training agreement with one of our corporate partners.

Master programmes:

  • Relevant first-level university degree Bachelor or German Diplom), overall grading meeting the individual programme criteria; a pre-examination might be necessary.
  • The programme Operational Safety Management requires relevant professional experience, too.
  • Degrees obtained in other countries than Germany will be examined for their eligibility

If you have any further questions please contact our Campus Management or the study advisors of the individual programmes.

Guest students / Extramural students

People who would like to attend individual lectures or courses at THGA have the option to do so as guest students or extramural students on request provided there are enough places to allow for that. Guest students will not be enrolled and are not entitled to take exams. If requested, the university can issue a certificate on the lectures attended. There is no need to provide evidence of an internship or qualification. If you intend to apply for the place a guest student, please note that we charge a fee of EUR 95.00 for this admission. If you need further information, please contact the Campus Management of THGA.