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What we offer to our international students (and future students)Programmes and projects at THGA

We are here to listen and help

At THGA we have a team, made up of the staff at International Office and advisors of the different programmes, which aims at supporting people from all over the world to have a successful start in their career. This team helps them completing their study programmes and obtaining their degrees as well as joining the non-academic world of work. Our international students have come to Bochum on many different ways and thus have different backgrounds, talents and needs for advice. So we are here to help: a whole team of advisors and several programmes which students can make use of to plan their professional and personal future.

Programme AufSTEIGER Prospects

In 2016 THGA launched a programme specifically designed to help people with a refugee background. Language courses as well as pre-study courses and measures accompanying the study programme show the university's commitment in opening new prospects for these people.

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Female PPA - Aufsteiger Prospects for Women

In the summer semester 2021, our AufSTEIGER Prospect programme was extended by a programme that is especially promoting women with young children (pre-school age) to get them ready for their studies and the job market later on.

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Competence Empowerment Center

Our advice given in the Competence Empowerment Center (CEC) helps the participants of the AufSTEIGER Prospects at THGA. Students with a refugee background get answers to all their questions around professional development. In addition, the CEC offers job application coaching and information on additional support outside the university.

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Managing Integration

Our team of integration management is there to support international students and employees, shape cultural change, and promote diversity and plurality of world views. By doing so, we help people to integrate and be integrated at the university and in society while providing a hub of communication and networking, too. These are our top priorities.

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Summer School on "Resource Efficiency and Sustainability"

The interdisciplinary event addresses bachelor students from technical courses of study at our partner universities. Professional input, workshops, pitch trainings as well as excursions and an exciting evening program are part of the event.

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