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Living the principle of equal opportunities for allEqual opportunities

Offering equal opportunities is something that we practise in all our assignments. THGA has incorporated equal oportunities principles in its statutes focusing on, but not being limited to, equal opportunities for women and men. Additionally, a scheme for equal opportunities has been established. To ensure that these opportunities can be seized and implemented, we have an officer (and her deputy) for equal opportunities who is elected by the female professors, employees and students. She represents the interests of all members at our university who may have limited opportunities.

The owner of THGA, DMT-Gesellschaft für Lehre und Bildung mbH (DMT-LB), was awarded with the Total E-Quality Prädikat for its efforts in and commitment to equal opportunities. DMT-LB has signed the Charta of equal opportunities of trade union IG BCE, and THGA has signed the Charta of diversity for companies in Germany.

Our part-time study programmes provide an excellent opportunity to achieve a good work-family balance (or rather, study-family balance). Moreover, the German maternity protection act has also been applied to female students since 2018.

Women enhance companies by bringing in their technical know-how and their high social competence and communication skills, thus widening the horizon in technical professions.  We prepare them competently and comprehensively to master professional challenges. Women are great engineers too - and our strong women teaching at THGA are only one example.


Jasmin GerauEvaluation and assessment

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Daniela Naumann-El KadyHead of International Office

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Maternity protection for students

Since January 2018 the German Maternity Protection Act also applies to female students. Learn more about your duties and rights as a pregnant student and which facilities and support are offered by the university.

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