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Your rights and duties as an expectant motherMaternity protection for students

Since 1st January 2018, the German Maternity Protection Act has been extended to include students. This rule applies in particular to the time and conduction of courses or exams which are compulsory or work placements which have to be done during the studies at THGA.

Essentially, the following applies to those affected:

1. According to §15 of the Maternity Protection Act, you should inform the university of your pregnancy and the expected date of delivery as soon as you know that you are pregnant. If you are breastfeeding, you should also inform the university as early as possible.
2. You are generally covered by the protection periods of §3 of the Maternity Protection Act, i.e. generally six weeks before and eight weeks after childbirth. If you wish to attend courses or take examinations during the maternity protection period, you must expressly declare this in writing to the university.
3. In accordance with §10 of the Maternity Protection Act, the university must determine the risks to which you - as a pregnant or breastfeeding student - or your child are or may be exposed. Based on this risk assessment, THGA must decide whether and to what extent protective measures must be taken.

Of course, THGA can only fulfil its obligations (according to par. 2 and 3) if you have also properly notified the pregnancy as required by law.

Notification of pregnancy and further steps

Please inform us about your pregnancy at an early stage. To do so, please use this form, which you can send personally to the colleagues at the Central Advisory Service. Your matter will be handled discreetly and in strict confidence!

After you have informed of your pregnancy, the following steps will follow:

  1. A risk assessment is carried out.
  2. You will receive an e-mail with the results.
  3. You will be offered an appointment (by telephone or in person) to discuss your personal study plans for the coming months with the Central Advisory Service.
  4. Depending on the result of the risk assessment, a further appointment with the responsible persons might be necessary. As per §14 of the Maternity Protection Act, the result of the risk assessment, the determination of the necessary protective measures and the aforementioned offer of a meeting will be documented and, as per §27(3) of the Maternity Protection Act, forwarded to the district government as supervisory authority upon request..
  5. Following up on the application, the examination board shall examine and determine whether and how pregnant or breastfeeding students can acquire the knowledge and skills taught in courses from which they are excluded by other means. The same applies to participation in an examination that is not possible due to such circumstances. However, there is no legal entitlement to the provision of a special course or a particular form of examination.

Services at the campusA place for breastfeeding and nappy changing

There is a room reserved for parents with babies where they can change nappies and do breastfeeding. This room is located in building 8 at the library entrance.
In the first part of the room, you can find a changing table and a reclining chair where you can breastfeed your baby comfortably. Through a sliding door you can enter the second part of the room where you can find a barrier-free toilet which is also equipped with an emergency call system and a divan bed. 
A lift to manage the staircase between the main building and building 8 allows for barrier-free access to this new multi-functional room. You can borrow the key to the lift from the reception at the main entrance. If you need a key on a long-term basis, please contact the local facility management.


Lucine Harutyunyan - B.A.Study Advisor

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Jessica Wixfort - M.A.Study advisor

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