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Borrowing titles

Who can borrow?

Students of THGA, employees of DMT-LB and external users (after they have registered) are permitted to borrow media from the library.

Library card

If you want to borrow any media as a THGA student, you need to bring your student ID card: otherwise, you cannot take any media with you. When enrolling at THGA, your student ID card automatically becomes your library card.

Other rules apply to employees of DMT-LB and external users.

To check borrowing periods and create watch lists in the library catalogue, you need to enter your library number and your date of birth (DDMMYY). On request, you can receive your library number from the library staff.

Using our stock of media


Stock and type of mediaPossible use
Open access stockBorrowing and reading-room use for registered library users
Reading-room use possible for all library visitors
Current journals,
loose-leaf editions
Not for borrowing
Archive stock (Magazin)
(Please contact the library staff.)
Media publ. from 1900 on: borrowing possible conerning condition
Media publ. before 1900: reading-room use only, copying possible
Poor paper quality: reading-room use only, copying not possible
E-books and data basesUse only for THGA students and DMT-LB staff
Final theses of THGAUse only for DMT-LB staff; works with blocking notice excepted

The library archive is not freely accessible. If you want to borrow a title from that section please contact the library staff stating author, title and media number an. Media dispalyed in a showcase can be requested for borrowing. You can access the library catalogue for research here.

Borrowing open access media

Signature labelBorrowing conditions
White signature labelNormal borrowing period
Borrowing period: 4 weeks
Extension possible: up to 2 times if no reservation exists
Red signature labelTwo week period
White book card in the back of the book
Borrowing period: 2 weeks
Extension possible: no
Short-term period
Borrowing possible if agreed for seven days only.
Extension possible: no
Reference library
Borrowing not possible, needs to be worked with in the library

Extending the borrowing period

Users are responsible for extending the borrowing period on time. if they fail to do so, late charges may occur. Users can ask for an extension in person, per telephone (0234 968 3250) or via email unless the title has been reserved for another user. Borrowing periods can only be extended over the term holidays.

Reserving a title

Once all copies of an edition are on loan, you have the option to reserve a copy in person, on the phone (0234 968 3250) or via email. You will receive an email as soon as the reserved media is available. 

Returning media

Please note: Media can only be returned to the library during its opening hours. If you return media later, late charges may occur.

Exceeding the borrowing period

If you exceed the borrowing period granted, you will first receive a friendly reminder to return the media, a reminder which will turn into an official first dunning letter subject to charges. If you exceed the borrowing period for a longer time, the next dunning levels will be activated. If you still do not respond, your library account will be blocked until you have returned the media in question and paid the dunning fees. These fees have to be paid in cash (no non-cash payment possible). You can find more details in our rules on fees and charges.

1. Dunning letter2 euros per media
2. Dunning letter5 euros per media plus postage
3. Dunning letter10 euros per media plus postage
4. Dunning letter20 euros per media plus postage

If you have any questions please contact us via email bibliothek[at] or call us on 0234 968 3250.