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Scholarships for gifted studentsDeutschlandstipendium awarded at THGA

As part of the national funding programme, THGA awards scholarships known as "Deutschlandstipendium" every year to gifted students who are expected to excel at university and at work. Personal circumstances and a commitment to social causes also play a part. For two semesters, scholars will receive EUR 300 per month which helps to master everyday life as a student. The scholarships are funded by the goverment (50%) and by private sponsors (50%).

FAQ on Deutschlandstipendium for students

Students can apply if

  1. they meet the admission criteria for the degree programme and 
  2. they are either enrolled at THGA or are about to do so.

The application period is usually from 1 August to 15 September through an online portal.

The first selection criteria are academic performance and the personal (and even professional) career. In addition, other selection criteria are commitment to social causes (e.g., volunteer work), the willingness to take on responsibility and specific social, familial or personal circumstance which may result, e.g., from the family background or a migration background.

An application might be more successful if the candidate has an excellent academic record (e.g., best of their year).

Students will not receive funding if they already receive funding for their giftedness and excellence according to §§ 1(3) or 4(1S,1) of the StipG (German Act on Establishing a National Scholarship Programme) unless this funding is less than EUR 30 a month on average.

There is no enforceable legal right to being awarded a scholarship. This link provides more information onDeutschlandstipendium in English.

The scholarship is EUR 300 per month and awarded for two semesters.

All other information relevant to an application for the Deutschlandstipendium can be found in the Moodle-Course of the Career Service. Additonal information is provided by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research.

Our sponsors

The foundation RAG Stiftung has been a sponsor of Deutschlandstipendium for many years and awards 15 scholarships to students of all departments. Preferred candidates are educational climbers.

The companies listed below award scholarships to students of the bachelor's programme Geo-Technology and Applied Geology, Civil and Environmental Geo-Engineering or Master students at THGA who completed this degree:

Individual sponsor Birgit Biermann

Individual sponsor Petra Reinbold-Knape

Honorary THGA member Peter Heintzmann

Private sponsor

Private sponsor

Your contact

Stephanie Leonhardt

+49 (234) 968 3416
G1 R023

Information for sponsors

THGA welcomes both companies and private individuals who would like to get involved in our Deutschlandstipendium scholarship program. You will by given the opportunity to specifically support high potential students in engineering degree programmes. beteiligen. As a sponsor, you will be named on certain occasions and our website (if you wish). Please contact us for further information. We look forward to your commitment.

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