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The pioneer spirit of our studentsDeveloping a seamless adjusting and arresting system

Two of our Mechanical Engineering students, Adrian Seuthe and Hendrik Rottländer, developed a seamless adjusting and arresting system which can be used, for example, in car doors. The system works by regulating the fluid flow between two separate chambers: if the piston is moved, the volume in the chambers changes, and the fluid restores the balance of the volume. If the flow is stopped, no exchange of volume can happen: the piston blocks and the system connected is fixed. Looking at a car door, this means that car door, being opened or closed, arrests exactly at that point where the movement stops and does not move on to the next arresting point. In other words: touching other adjacent cars without meaning to is a thing of the past. the system consists of only eight parts, it is easy to install and does not take up a lot of space. Moreover, it can be extended with sensors to establish numerous opportunities of use.

Our students were supported and motivated by Prof. Dr. Stefan Vöth, the THGA professor under whom Seuthe and Rottländer studied the major Development and Design. He also encouraged them to go all the way until they had created a product ready to be launched on the market. To do achive that, they started their own partnership in 2020 and applied for a patent of their system (the complex negotiations with the patent office are now handled by a lawyer). At the same time, they started networking with people in the automotive industry to spread the word of their invention even before the patent would be granted. Professor Vöth continues to advise and support his students: they are a prime example that you do not always need a master to demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit. Even bachelor students can develop ideas which provide excellent solutions for engineering prolems and prove to be lucrative in the future.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Prof. h.c. (KusSTU) Stefan Vöth

+49 234 968-3642
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