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Other Services

The White Room is located in building 1, room 311-313, and set up as a self-study computer room for students. The room is open from 8.00-21.30 (Mondays to Fridays) and provides 36 modern PC work places in an air-conditioned environment.

The Web app GigaMove ( provides a simple way of sharing large files (up to max. 2 GB per file and 10 GB in total) which cannot be sent via email due to their size.

This file sharing app is provided by RWTH Aachen for all members of the German Research Network and that includes members of THGA.

Each uploaded file is scanned for viruses to protect the university networks.

You can use GigaMove to provide or retrieve files.



Uploading and sharing files

After logging in, GigaMove provides you with the option to upload and download files.
If you want to give someone access to a large file, select the item "Share file".
You can then upload a file to the system and receive a link like this: "" afterwards.
If you send this link, e.g. by e-mail to someone, this person can download the file without any further formalities.
Optionally, you can secure the download with a password.
Please note that GigaMove is only intended for data exchange. The files are therefore automatically deleted after one week. Optionally, this period can be adjusted, but the maximum storage time is 14 days.

Requesting files

If someone wants to send you a large file, select the item "Request file".
You will then receive a link that you can send, e.g. by e-mail, to people who are not THGA members. If this link is called up, a simple form is displayed through which a file can be uploaded for you.
GigaMove then informs you by e-mail that a file is ready for you.
Files up to 2 GBytes in size can be exchanged in both directions. A total of 10 GBytes of storage is available to all users on this system.

Data protection

The data is exchanged via a server at RWTH Aachen University, access is via a web interface using semi-anonymous access and is therefore in principle only secure to a limited extent. Therefore, do not use this service for confidential data or encrypt the files in advance. 
After your registration, the computer centre transmits the following user attributes to RWTH-Aachen: Username, first and last name and email address. If you do not agree to this, please do not use this service.


RWTH-Aachen would be pleased to receive feedback, questions and suggestions. Please address them to

Students and staff can borrow projectors from the Computer Centre for official events. Please contact the staff of the Computer Centre.

The devices can be reserved by calling Mr. Hellenkamp at 0234/968-8713 or in person in building 1, room 303.

Please note: A valid student ID card must be presented in order to pick up the devices.

The appointment planner of the German research network (DFN) s operated in Germany specifically for the scientific community and is committed to data protection. For members of the DFN (these are, for example, all state universities), this tool is the advertising-free and more data protection-friendly alternative to Doodle. The data storage of the scheduler takes place on the computers of the DFN-Verein and is subject to German law. The use itself is very simple and takes place step-by-step as you create it.

SYou can find it at the web address in a very simple "Basic" variant and in an extended one with many scheduling options..

Special features:

  • The DFN Appointment Planner can be used without logging in (and only in the case of logging in, a "harmless" cookie is set).
  • No IP addresses are stored when accessing the DFN Appointment Planner.
  • The scheduling data is stored exclusively in Germany at DFN-Verein, not passed on to third parties and not used for any purpose other than the respective scheduling (no advertising, no use of analysis tools such as Google Analytics).
  • In addition, an expiry date must be specified for each schedule, at which time the schedule in question, including all data entered for it, will be automatically deleted.
  • Participants are suggested to use a pseudonym.
  • The data transfer is SSL-encrypted.

THGA students can print documents at different printers on the campus. You can use this link to start your printing order.