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User account

According to the usage regulations for the IT infrastructure of THGA, all students receive a user account. The unique identifier for this user account is your "loginID", with which you can log in to the connected subsystems and your personal password.

What does this loginID look like?

The loginID looks like this:


Where do I find my loginID?

You can find your loginID e.g. in Moodle in your profile overview. There you will also find your student ID number, email address, department, study programme and library ID number.


How do I log in and where?

You log in to any system using your personal password. There is a transition period during which all systems support the old log in version and the new loginID.

Logging in to a PC

LoginID, student ID number


LoginID, email address

MeineTH (My TH)

LoginID, student ID number, email address

Learning platform (Moodle)

LoginID, student ID number, email address


LoginID, email address

Exam registration

LoginID, student ID number, email address