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Sciebo - our campus cloud

Data must be accessible and editable at any time and from anywhere. Sciebo is the cloud storage by and for universities in NRW that allows you to do exactly that; it is optionally made available to employees and students of the THGA.


We have produced a video which you can watch on YouTube. This video is in German. On YouTube, click on the cog wheel and activate the closed captions/subtitles. Then, click on the arrow on the right and select "Subtitles - auto-translate"; next, select "English" (or your first language) to be able to follow this video.


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I agree to the data protection note

In addition to your own data, sciebo also makes it very easy to share data with other users, especially members of other NRW universities.

On the website you will find access and instructions how to use the service. The Campuscloud enables you to access documents anytime, anywhere and from any device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) - even worldwide. Moreover, the data can be edited flexibly. This offers particular advantages for project and group work. Changes can be synchronised immediately so that the latest version of a file is always available. Flexible sharing options make it easy to share files and folders with others, even with password protection and for a limited time. This makes it easy to share information and work together.  

30GB storage space

All THGA members, as well as DMT-LB administrative staff, have 30GB of storage space at their disposal. Employees can also activate a data volume of up to 500GB and request additional storage space for projects.

In addition to the constant availability of data, security also plays an important role. Here, too, sciebo offers a great advantage: there are only locations in NRW where the data is stored.

How can I use sciebo?

All information about registration, account management, instructions, security and much more can be found on the sciebo help page. The first steps of using sciebo are explained in this quick guide.

The published terms of use apply to the use of sciebo. In case of misuse, access to the system can be temporarily blocked.