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Erasmus+: Studying abroad

The exchange of students is based on agreement that THGA has entered into with departments of other European universities. These agreements feature a certain number of study places for exchange students, so please be aware that only a limited number is available.

Studying abroad under the Erasmus+ programme is supposed to:

  • enable students to gather experience in other European countries and to make use of their study offers concerning language, culture and specialist knowledge
  • contribute to the education of their exchange university
  • promote the collaboration between their home and receiving institutions
  • contribute to society in general as qualified, open-minded and internationally experienced people with graduate from the university
  • enable those students to study abroad that do not have the financial means (mobility grant)

  • Proper enrolment in a study programme at THGA leading to a university degree
  • Students can receive support from Erasmus+ at any part of their study cycle (Bachelor, Master) for up to 12 months (study place and internship)
  • First year of study has been completed
  • Sufficient competence of the language in which lectures are taught
  • Studying at a partner university that has entered into an Erasmus+ cooperation agreement
  • The stay abroad must be minimum three and maximum 12 months

Please note: the length of one fundable period is always from June year 1 to September year 2. So if you decide to study abroad in the summer semester, the maximum funding period is only seven months (March to September year 2).

  • Studying 3-12 months abroad at a partner university of your home university in an EU member state or Iceland, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Norway and in Turkey
  • No tuition fees due at the exchange university
  • Study performance achieved abroad will be accredited back home due to the ECTS
  • Mobility grant is paid (EUR 300-350 per month).
  • Special financial support available for students with special needs or those who have a family
  • Local support when preparing for your stay (language and specialist knowledge, practical tips)
  • Generally support from the exchange university concerning accommodation, cultural offers etc.

Erasmus+ students receive a monthly partial grant between EUR 250-350, depending on the cost of living in the exchange country (mobility grant).

Students with special needs or single parents can apply for additional funding. The International Office provides more information and details on the amount available.

The mobility grant does not affect your entitlement to other grants such as scholarships or German student grants according to BAföG. on the contrary, if you are entitled to BAFöG funding, you can apply for special support to, known as "Auslands-BAföG", which often features higher rates per months. Please submit your application to the respective office (Amt für Auslands-BAföG): different countries are handled by different departments. You can find a list on the BAFöG page of the Federal Ministry of Education.