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Erasmus+: Internships abroad

As part of the EU Erasmus+ programme, the International Office also awards scholarships for students who want to do an internship abroad (EU member states as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Norway and Turkey).

Target group

This opition is open to all students and graduates of all THGA departments.
Eligible are internships that

  • last between 60 days and six months
  • are done in private-sector companies, associations, organisations and authorities etc.
  • are study-related
  • feature specialist support.

Grant and conditions

Erasmus+ interns receive a monthly mobility grant between EUR 300 and 350 depending on the cost of living in the foreign countries.

Candidates need to be properly enrolled in a study programme at THGA leading to a university degree

  • Interns can receive support from Erasmus+ at any part of their study cycle (Bachelor, Master) for up to six months (study place and internship)
  • Graduates can receive funding, too, but have to submit their application before they are de-registered by the university. they also need to finish their internship within twelve months after completing their degree.
  • Please note: the length of one fundable period is always from 1 June year 1 to30 September year 2.