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Email account for students

Students of THGA automatically receive an email account when enrolling. Usually, the address is your

You can find your email address in your enrolment documents. Students have a number of options for using their email:


Using the student email account via webmail

You can access youre-mail account from any computer with an Internet connection, similar to the well-known freemail providers such as gmx, gmail or No further software needs to be installed on the computer for this. The e-mails are not downloaded and remain entirely on the mail server.

Access with any browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) will take you to the webmail system. To log in, please enter your email address (see above) and your password. You can find further information on the Webmail page and in this video:


Using your student mail account via mail client

You can also use a mail client (e.g. Mozilla Thunderbilrd, Outlook or corresponding apps on your mobile devices) to access your e-mail box. The configuration for any e-mail client can be found on the page Connecting an e-mail account. You can see the configuration of different mail clients on different devices in this video:
The use of the student e-mail address is obligatory: you are therefore obliged to check this address regularly.


Size of e-mails and mailboxes

The size of an email attachment must not exceed 30MB. This is the upper limit of what other mail providers still send or receive.

The storage size of the mailboxes is almost unlimited. Nevertheless, we have built in a technical hurdle of 1 GB. The function of this size limit is not so much to control our users as to act as a kind of "safety stop". If a mailbox gets out of control and sends masses of mail, transmission stops when the 1 GB limit is reached.

If you do not have enough space, please contact the Computer Centre to increase the maximum mailbox size.


Data protection

All email connection data is kept for a maximum of 14 days. Therefore, complaints about loss, errors, etc. must be reported to the Computer Centre by email during this period.