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Further scholarships

Stipendienportal MyStipendium.de

The independent Scholarships’ portal www.mystipendium.de provides students and postgraduate students’ freebie their searching for a funding. With an automatic matching system for the individual researcher MyStipendium.de is able to find the perfect scholarship for you. MyStipendium.de is able to find for all needs the suitable scholarship program.

Hans Böckler Foundation

The Hans-Böckler Foundation belongs to the German trades union and promotes students primarily from the working-class or people from the second-chance education. The Foundation wants to create opportunities for work experienced people as well as equal opportunities within the education system itself.

The foundation wants to promote Scholars to take over social responsibilities within the society after their studies. The Hans-Böckler Foundation supports 1.600 scholars and it is one of the biggest German foundations.

Information about the Hans-Böckler Foundation gives the representative professor:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Lotzien
Tel. (0234) 968 3362,

Absolventa e.V. - "The Democratic Scholarship"

The Democratic Scholarship of the ABSOLVENTA e.V. promotes single persons and takes over costs concerning the study up to 5000 Euro. Students can apply independently from their study marks – the only important thing is the study motivation. An election decides about the scholarship.

For further information please visit www.stipendium.de.


The RWE Net AG supports with the professorship Prof. Dr. Köppchen-Studienstiftung students of electrical engineering and information technology.
The scholarship lies between 588, 00 and 1023, 00 Euro it depends on the indigence of the individual student.

Information and application forms you can get in the secretary of electrical engineering and information technology, Tel. (0234) 968 3263.