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Germans and in special cases also foreign students have the chance to apply for the Federal Training Assistance Act (Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz (BAföG)) to be promoted during their studies. Students those parents and relatives are not able to support their children’s ‘study fee can apply for this support.

Anyone who applies for the BaföG has to be 30 years old or younger by the beginning of his study (exceptions are possible). Generally BaföG is fixed on the amount of your parental income. For the application form for the BAföG students have to show the income documents of the past two years. The amount of the BAföG is based on the so called requirement’s rate. The highest amount averages according to the style of the accommodation and after the amount of the surcharges for the medical insurance and nursing care insurance between 414 Euro and 648 Euro. Students of the TH can inform themselves at the AStA BAföG-Referat about the funding.

The application form itself need to be hand in at the AKAFÖ (student services provider of the universities in Bochum)