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General Information

All students need to re-register for each new semester.

The re-registration has to be done within the time period the TH gives by the ending semester. Missing the payment for the re-registration means to be ex-matriculated by the end of the semester.

Re-registration process

The re-registration is done automatically as soon as the semester fees are payed. 

You need to visit the secretary only to pick up your certificate of matriculation and to prolong your StudiCard.


We recommend you to pay the university fees for the following semester in the secretary either with an ec-card and your pin number or make a transaction and bring in your recipe. 

The transaction recipe should contain your full name and matriculation number. The same is valid for online transactions please print out your recipe and show it in the secretary. A recipe from the transaction terminal will be accepted.

Pre-internship II

If you still have an open pre-internship II, be aware of that you need to complete it before the 4th semester. If you should not be able to complete your pre-internship you should hand in a temporary certification about your internship.

Change of medical insurance

If you changed your insurance you may inform us and hand in a new certification.


Personal changes

For changes containing your personal data or study course please use our document „Ergänzungen zur Rückmeldung“.

The most important information about your re-registration you find also in our Merkblatt "Hinweise zur Rückmeldung".


More information: Student service