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Raw-Materials and Post-Mining

In former times coal was the center nowadays research at the TH Georg Agricola deals with production and processing of all mineral raw materials.
Above all stones and earth-minerals near-surface such as granite, limestone and sand are important for ground material industry and deliver material for current research projects at the TH.

In the mining context there are research activities above all in the area of before and post mining - on the one hand the research for more suitable areas and on the other hand the protection of former mining areas. The end of the German coal mining brought up majors challenges.  Those challenges are examined and involve an active participation of the competence center post-mining of the TH.

Especially the so-called eternity task and with this the topics such as water control, waist-level safety or remediation of debited fields are on the focus.
Next to the risks it is also about chances of Post-Mining: The development of after-use for former mining-areas opens up new sustainable future perspectives for regions. Priority topics of the next years will be water and methane-migration as well as ground-water tidal.

The working area of Geodesy and Land-Management are on the research of new methods of monitoring and earth’s surface optimization. Remote sensing processes, GIS-Techniques and “mobile mapping” should help to ascertain emissions as well as geometric and phenomenological changing areas. It should also ascertain and collect also mining qualified danger-zones and environmental database.
The scarcity of specialist workers and scientist are nationally and as well as internationally big.


Production of Raw-Materials
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