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Industrial Production Technology and Material Efficiency

The areas material and production techniques, production development as well as production and quality management build up the core of the research emphasis: the industrial processing.
Integrative solutions are developed by the general discipline they take care of product and process, and plant specific problems. 

  • Research topics on the field of industrial processing are above all:
  • Technical-scientific research to material features and components
  •  reshape behavior of crash stabile poly-rays
  • Design of production Systems
  • Quality backup and quality Management
  • Development of production on the basis of renewable resource and biodegradable  plastics

The increase of material efficiency is under the point of sustainability, but also because of the reasons of profitability and availability important for our country.

The scientific fields of material and process engineering at the TH are doing their best to development their contribution to the efficiency increase in the production of goods for their usage and further use.
The TH is planning to build a center for material knowledge, in which specialist laboratories of the TH and the laboratories of the Deutsches Bergbau-Museum should be bounded together to be able to develop research activities.
Research topics on the field of sustainable material efficiency are:

  • Increasing the durability of production,
  • A better material selection according to costs and their use of substitute,
  • The tailoring of material features,
  • Optimizing of production parameter in the production process,
  • The selection and further development of recyclable materials.


Industrial Production Technology
Material Efficiency
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