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Bachelor course Mechanical Engineering

From gearboxes to machine tools to production plants, mechanical engineers have a hand in almost everything. They are needed wherever machines and plants are designed, engineered, maintained and repaired.

That is why the Mechanical Engineering major at TH Georg Agricola covers a broad base of knowledge, with concentrations in mechanical engineering, production and quality management, future energy development, development and design, and logistics.

Mechanical Engineering


Study Counselling (full-time study) Lukas Jakubczyk Lukas Jakubczyk, M.Eng.
Contact details
Consultant Mechanical Engineering
Technische Hochschule
Georg Agricola
Herner Straße 45

Phone: 0234/968 3644
Fax: 0234/968 3640
E-mail: lukas.jakubczyk(at) thga.de
Building Westhoffstraße 15, Room PROLAB -05
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Study counselling (part-time study)
Contact details
Consultant Mechanical Engineering

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Final degree

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

Study duration

  • full-time study: 6 semester
  • full-time study: 6 semester development and construction
  • part-time stufy: 9 semester
    (focus on Production and Quality Management)


Application deadlines:

  • For sommer semester: 15th January
  • For winter semester: 15th July


International applicants must present transcript and other documents that prove that they are entitled to attend a university in their home country, and that this entitlement is equivalent to the German Fachhochschulreife. Alternatively, they can preent (a) documents that show that they have passed the tests granting them the Fachhochschulreife, or (b) foreign documents recognized by the Ministry of Education that show they have obtained the Fachhochschulreife or the allgemeine Hochschulreife.

Chinese applicants are also required to present the certificate granted by the Academic Testing Center (Akademische Prüfstelle - APS) of the German Embassy in Beijing.

Moroccan applicants must attend a one-year college preparatory program (Studienkolleg). Alternatively, they can present a general or technical baccalaurèat along with documents showing that they successfully completed one year of studies in Morocco in a degree program similar of the one they are applying for.

International students must also present proof that their German language skills are adequate (DSH test, TestDaF).