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Faculty 1: Geo-Resources and Process Engineering

The Faculty of Geotechnical Engineering, Mining and Technical Business Management gets to the bottom of things – literally. With a curriculum that ranges from geotechnical engineering, opencast mining, processing and refining to land surveying and business administration, the Faculty prepares students for many different occupations.

The roughly 200 students at the Faculty are taught by eleven full-time and 30 part-time teachers from academia and industry. Six researchers and support staffers assist them with courses, internships and field trips. Well-equipped laboratories and survey instruments provide students with a comprehensive, hands-on education.

Everything begins with mining. After all, we couldn't live our modern lives if it weren't for raw materials. Here's an example: Statistically speaking, every man, woman and child in Germany consumes 460 metric tons of gravel and sand in their lifetime – enough to fill around 23 trucks. Likewise, mineral materials such as granite, limestone, basalt, clay, sand or gravel are used by the processing industry to manufacture glass, ceramics or semiconductors for computer chips and solar cells. Extracting and processing these materials is what opencast mining is all about.

Geotechnical Engineering, on the other hand, deals with foundation design, levees, tunnels and water extraction. Scientists at TH Georg Agricola perform environmental impact assessments, and test the strength of soils, riverbanks and dams so that buildings, bridges, tunnels and roads will always have the support they need.

Process engineering deals with the technology and processes of refining raw materials and transforming them into basic-products.  Every time a material has to be transformed and treated process engineers are needed.

Survey and mapping the Earth – that's what surveyors do. It doesn't matter whether a structure is being built or expanded, or whether the client is a government or a business – surveyors calculate plots and parcels, analyze soil or building shifts, record and model spatial data, and maintain existing databases.

Faculty 1

Vice president Ulrich Paschedag Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Ulrich Paschedag

Contact details
Vice president Faculty I
Technische Hochschule
Georg Agricola
Herner Straße 45

Phone: (0234) 968 3221
Fax: (0234) 968 3402
E-mail: Ulrich.Paschedag(at) thga.de
Building 1, Room 321a
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