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Faculty II: Mechanical and Process Engineering

From designing machines and equipment to developing mechatronic systems to utilizing renewable energy, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology explores a wide range of subjects. Interdisciplinary projects at the Faculty look at issues such as programmable logic controllers for simulating materials handling processes in factories. Or analyzing chassis and quality management programs for the automotive industry.

TH Georg Agricola tackles issues relating to climate change in its future energy development program. From biofuels to wind turbines and solar energy – it fosters a sustainable energy mix and clean supplies of energy with processes for renewable power production.

The environment is also a major concern in chemical engineering. That goes for everything from coking residual oil to desulfurizing compressed coke oven gas. Our scientists work to improve the latest technologies, such as optimizing fluid flow behavior in the Multiphase Processes: Separation and Nebulization Research Group.

The Faculty has bundled its materials science expertise at the Institute for Materials, Product Development and Production (IWPP). Here, scientists research the properties, safety characteristics and quality of materials, and develop products using renewable materials. In their research, they look at both the financial issues and the technical aspects.

29 full-time faculty members (including 14 full professors) use mechanical and chemical engineering to solve the difficult challenges facing us today. This team relies on the support of 40 part-time instructors to contribute the experience and expertise that they have acquired in the field. Around 600 students are enrolled at this Faculty.

Faculty II

Vice president Jochen Arthkamp Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Jochen Arthkamp

Contact details
Vice president WB 2
Technische Hochschule
Georg Agricola
Herner Straße 45

Phone: (0234) 968 3381/3371
Fax: (0234) 968 3706
E-mail: Jochen.Arthkamp(at) thga.de
Building 3, Room 115
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