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International Office

Opening hours (Building 1, Room 019)

Monday to Thursday

10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Appointments required before hand



•    Consultant for Students of  TH who are planning to go abroad
•    Consultant for foreign Students
•    Information about Erasmus and DAAD programs , possibilities for studying broad and licenses requirements for foreign students
•    Coordination with foreign university partnerships
•    Information about practical semesters abroad, part and travelling scholarships and practical qualifications

    Suggested Links

    Erasmus-Program – Encouragement of studies and internships within the European Union.

    DAAD-database – Overview of promotion offers of the German academic exchange work (DAAD) and other organizations for a study stay in Germany

    Your consultant: Daniela Naumann-El Kady Ass. iur.
    Daniela Naumann-El Kady

    Contact details
    International office
    Technische Hochschule
    Georg Agricola
    Herner Straße 45

    Phone: (0234) 968 3266
    Fax: (0234) 968 3417
    E-mail: daniela.naumann(at) thga.de
    Building 1, Room 019
    More (german)

    Erasmus-Program of the European Union

    Erasmus Charta of the TH

    DAAD-Schoolarship database