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Dear Friends of the TH Georg Agricola,

since 1816 the TH Georg Agricola University of Applied Sciences (THGA) has a special position under the big range of universities in Germany.

Its unique features are represented with its specific culture of almost 200 years of tradition and its special profile: The THGA stands for tremendous practice-oriented engineering education. The THGA promotes a kind teaching and learning culture. It also stands for openness for young people impartially from their origin. The variety of study courses is flexible which helps students to organize their studies individually.

The THGA has a very good esteem. Not only its students and its alumni, but also partners in economy, science and society, as well as national and international partners appreciate the university’s reputation.

The THGA is leading on the field of raw material science in Germany. It works with well known universities all around the world on the same level. 

„Think global, act local“– with this slogan the THGA identifies itself with the Ruhr area and especially with the city of Bochum.  The THGA works dedicatedly together with other local universities in the network of UniverCity Bochum and participates on the structural change of the city and region.

On the one hand we have a high request of engineers and on the other hand we have the growing number of young students at the THGA. Considering these requirements the THGA has a bright future perspective and is carrying out this way.

Yours sincerely
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kretschmann
President of the TH Georg Agricola University of Applied Sciences

TH Georg Agricola - Future since 1816