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Building 1

  • Presidium (main entrance: R016)
  • Student Service (main entrance: R026/R027)
  • Data Center (main entrance: R302 – R306)
  • Press Office (main entrance: R014)
  • Marketing (main entrance: R014)
  • Study Counselling (main entrance: R019)
  • International Office (main entrance: R019)
  • Career Service (main entrance: R022)
  • Geo-Resources and Process Engineering (main entrance: R321)
  • Laboratory for Surveying (entrance B: K07)
  • Laboratory für Geotechnical Engineering and Post-mining (entrance K)
  • Physics laboratory(entrance J: R103 – 105)

Building 2

  • Research Institute of Post-Mining (2nd and 3rd floor)
  • Geotechnical Engineering and Applied Geology (3rd floor)

Building 3

  • Mechanical Engineering and Material Sciences (entrance C, R102)
  • Laboratory for Piston Engine and Flux Engine (entrance C3)
  • Laboratory for Production engineering (entrance C1)
  • Laboratory for Materials Sciences (entrance C2)
  • Laboratory for Mechanical Process Engineering (entrance C4)
  • Laboratory for Stones and Earthes/Mineral Building Materials (entrance C1)
  • AStA Office (entrance C)
  • Student Center: Main Auditorium and Cafeteria (entrance C)

Building 7

  • Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Business Engineering (entrance E: R128)
  • Laboratory for Automation Technology (entrance E: R202)
  • Laboratory for Communications Engineering (entrance E: R103)
  • Laboratory for Digital Communication (entrance E: R202)
  • Laboratory for Electrical Machines (entrance E: R001)
  • Laboratory for Electrical Measuring Technique (entrance G: R008)
  • Laboratory for Electrical Control Engineering (entrance E: R203)
  • Laboratory for Future Energies (entrance F)
  • Laboratory for High Voltage Engineering (entrance E: R001)
  • Laboratory for Microprocessor Technology (entrance E: R201)
  • Laboratory for Smart Buildings (entrance E: R118)
  • MSR-Laboratory - Measure, Steer, Regulate (entrance F)

Building 8

  • Library (entrance H: R005)
  • Laboratory for Extraction Technology (entrance H: R212)
  • Laboratory for Information Technology (entrance H: R314)
  • Laboratory for Thermal and Chemical Process engineering (entrance H: RS01)
  • Laboratory for Information Technology (entrance H, R314)
  • Laboratory for Software Technology (entrance H, R303)

Building Westhoffstraße

  • PROLAB Product + Production
  • Dorm

Campus of the TH

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