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Society of Mining Professors' 9th Regional Meeting 2018

"Technological Footprints in German Hard Coal Mining"

under the auspices of RAG Aktiengesellschaft
Date: 18 October 2018
Venue: Technische Hochschule Georg Agricola University, Bochum


In 2018, the age of German hard coal mining will come to an end after centuries. Coal mining and steel production were the backbone of industrial prosperity and regional development in the Ruhr area. Today, the Ruhr Metropolis is a melting pot for more than 5 million people and 155 000 companies with a total turnover of 330 billion Euro.

Starting in the Ruhr valley, underground hard coal mining went further North, following the dipping carboniferous formations down to a depth of some
1500 m nowadays, thus making it the deepest underground coal mines in the World. Increasing depth together with the objectives to improve efficiency,
health and safety standards have made the German hard coal mining industry a pioneer of technological breakthrough developments.

About the conference

The conference will highlight these ”technological footprints“ in terms of ground control at great depth, extraction technology, mine ventilation and mine climate, logistical functions, etc.

The conference will be of benefit to the Minerals Industry professionals, academics, government officers and other stakeholders of the hard coal mining industry.

Conference: Society of Mining Professors


More Information

Press kit (in German language)

Conference Office

mail: somp(at) thga.de
phone: +49 160 555 75 85

Please contact in English.